One Extra Fact

September 2018: This material is in the early prototyping stage, and is meant mostly to establish the prerequisites for the companion course Still Magic. We would appreciate your help: please send us suggestions or file an issue in our GitHub repository. (We would particularly appreciate descriptions of common errors and how to fix them—there are subsections for these in every lesson.) Please note that all contributors are required to abide by our Code of Conduct.

Ninety percent of most magic merely consists of knowing one extra fact.

– Terry Pratchett

These lessons are an introduction to research computing and data analysis for people with little or no previous training in either. All content can be re-used and re-mixed under a Creative Commons license (s:license) and can be viewed on the material’s website. Inspiration comes from:

These lessons can be used for self-study by people who plan to enroll in something like the Insight Data Science Fellows Program, or as a one-semester course for graduate students or senior undergraduates. If used in the second way, it assumes 30 contact hours (i.e., 3 hours/week for 12 weeks minus time for guest speakers, exam prep, and so on). The pace is based on what Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry achieve in their two-day workshops, and on the University of Florida’s experience with Data Carpentry for Biologists.

Questions, suggestions, and corrections are very welcome: please file an issue in our GitHub repository or email the author directly. Please note that all contributors are required to abide by our code of conduct ((s:joining)[#APPENDIX]).