E Setting Up

E.1 Software

In order to complete the activities in this book, the following software is required:

  1. a Bash shell
  2. Git version control
  3. a text editor
  4. Python 3 (via the Anaconda distribution)
  5. GNU Make

Software installation instructions for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems (with video tutorials) are maintained by The Carpentries as part of their workshop website template: https://carpentries.github.io/workshop-template/#setup.

Follow those instructions to install the bash shell, Git, a text editor and Anaconda.

If Make is not already installed on your computer (type make -v into the Bash shell to check):

  • Linux (Debian/Ubuntu): Install it from the Bash shell using sudo apt-get install make.
  • Mac: Install [Xcode] (via the App Store).
  • Windows: Follow the installation instructions maintained by the Master of Data Science at the University of British Columbia.

conda in the shell on windows

If you are using Windows and the conda command isn’t available at the Bash shell, you’ll need to open the Anaconda Prompt program (via the Windows start menu) and run the command conda init bash (this only needs to be done once). After that, your shell will be configured to use conda going forward.

E.2 Configuring Git to use Nano

To make Git use the Nano editor for writing commit messages, run the following command:

git config --global core.editor "nano -w"

E.3 Data

Download [zipf.zip][data-files] and unzip it in the location that you would like to store the files associated with this book. When you are done, you should have a directory called zipf, containing a single sub-directory called data with the following contents:

└── data
    ├── README.md
    ├── dracula.txt
    ├── frankenstein.txt
    ├── jane_eyre.txt
    ├── moby_dick.txt
    ├── sense_and_sensibility.txt
    ├── sherlock_holmes.txt
    └── time_machine.txt

See data/README.md for information about the data.